Why 666

In China, influencers are losing influence

Influencers succeed in building their own brand and not yours!

Lack Credibility: Many influencers are seen as glorified sales-reps

Lack Authenticity: Influencers are more commentator than influencer

Lack Relevance: Huge audiences cannot also mean relevant audiences

Lack Strategy: Borrowing reach or influence is a short-term tactic

Together this means they’re no longer the value-add they once were.

It’s time for a new model

    1. Brand pays influencers to post
    2. Influencers promote you briefly and increase their following
    3. Brand gains no additional long-term reach or influence
    4. Influencers now charge more due to increased following
    1. Brand commissions unique brand-owned content
    2. Brand promotes owned content to targeted subcultures
    3. Brand presence, following and influence all increase
    4. Brand now appeals to every relevant subculture

The Opportunity for western brands

Our challenge was to build a solution that enables western brands to reach their target demographic in China with authenticity, credibility and relevance.

666 offers a solution where you collaborate with Chinese creators to build media assets that you own and build audiences which are exclusively yours.

You become part of and help develop subcultures, versus the old model of posting endorsements or borrowing attention on someone else’s channel.

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