Our Approach

Utilising our technology and branding experts with distinctive creative excellence we empower creators, shape culture and build cult brands in China.

How we work

Our Dynamic Audience Profiling Engine identifies audiences, subcultures and insights unique to each customer while continuously optimising content performance based on anonymised data sets. 


We identify cultural moments, trends and subcultures that your brand can flourish in.

Step 2: Creative Strategy

Big, meaningful ideas grounded in audience insights and underpinned by a strategy that meets your objectives.

Step 3: Content

Our matching engine identifies creators predicted to be high performers in your target audiences. You collaborate and create great content.

Step 4: Launch, Test, Learn

Our content engine and creative optimisation platform constantly learns based on brand preferences and performance metrics.

Build influence you own

With authentic voices from communities, subcultures and moments that match your brand.

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